THE MISSION is a local multiplayer retro shooter/platformer with level editor.

It features 2-4 player mayhem, fueled by quick movement but slow weapons, resulting in frantic action and pretty funny shoot-out moments. Levels are destructible, adding another layer of tactics and entertainment to the mix.

Create your own battle grounds with the level editor. Levels can easily be exported, shared and imported.

Destruction and creation in one beautiful digital entertainment package for the modern 80’s gamer.


  • Fast movement with slow weapon reload
  • All your kills are one-hit kills
  • All your deaths are one-hit deaths
  • Arcade-perfect physics
  • Level editor for creating and sharing levels
  • Retro aesthetics: low-res graphics, 24 colors and 8-bit music!



Who’s making this?

My name is Xavier Stamps-Lafont, and I’m a game developer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been working on THE MISSION on my own for several years.

The title and box art have been made by awesome artist Rezan Ansari!