Another new build of BATTLE MODE!

I’ve separated builds into Arcade and Computer versions. What this means is slightly different control setups. For the Arcade version (which is the version here) you need to have 2-4 controllers, and you can mix and match PS3 or XBox 360 controllers. Links:

Mac | Windows 32 bit | Windows 64 bit

The reason for this separation is that I noticed BATTLE MODE is great fun as a local multiplayer game – a.k.a. arcade! So I’m focusing more on this kind of interface, especially in the menu, so that players can very quickly get to playing the game.

Regarding the Computer version, I really love that I can get 2 players to play together on a computer. But there’s a further complication that keyboard hardware seems to cause the input to freeze occasionally, which totally sucks. I’ll release a Computer version of this most recent build, but it’ll come a bit later.

For now, enjoy disintegrating and/or imploding each other in the Arcade version!

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