Weeks 20 & 21 Updates

Hello THE MISSION fans! I’ll be posting weekly updates from here on, since it might be interesting to regularly share progress on the game. It will help me stay focused in working on the right tasks since there is more visibility, and it will hopefully be fun or insightful or something for you. I also thought it would be good to open up about my development process a little bit, and be less of a recluse about my work.

So what have I done these past two weeks?

Gun charge loops. This required some logic to detect the highest gun state at any given moment, and then telling the SFX manager which loops to stop or play. It should only detect the highest gun state because only one loop should ever be playing.

Saws. That’s right, there are saws on the planet surface, just one of the many dangers in outer space. I’ve also been reworking the graphics of the saws, which is tough for me because I don’t have any training as a graphic artist. So it’s largely a matter of making an animation, testing it out in the game to see if it it’s “readable” as a saw (monochromatic 16×16 graphics contribute to making this a challenge), and then deciding whether to keep it or scratch it. I tried out 6 different animations before settling on one – for now. I also implemented the collision with saws, so players will get diced when they run into them.

Revised the disintegration animation. I wasn’t happy with the disintegration animation because it used to flatten out as if it was on the ground, even while it was in the air. So I set up animations such that I can queue them up – when an animation is over, the next one is played. Now I have a disintegration animation for the air and then the animation for when the player’s ashes hit the ground.

Set up the IndieDB page. I had heard about IndieDB from a  couple of sources, so I thought I would try it out. You can visit it here.

Designed the level select screen. The plan is to have 9 levels to fight in, so there must be a way to choose the level. I’ve designed a screen where the entire level is visible, so the players should be able to see what they will be getting into. This is the last screen to add to the game! I’ve held off on designing it so far because there was only the test level and the basic planet surface level. But now that it’s designed, it’s time to implement it.

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