Weeks 23, 24 & 25 Updates

I’m back from vacation! My wife and I actually went on our honeymoon road trip in the US, which was really great and relaxing. We came back late on Monday, were jet lagged Tuesday, and then returned to work the rest of the week. So this update will cover the past two weeks:

  • Implemented the level select screen! This took a bit more time than I thought because I had to refactor some code. Basically I made a LevelDataManager, which is responsible for loading all of the level data at game start, holding on to that data, and passing it to the different LevelManagers which then build the level itself. But enough technical stuff, see the screenshot below!
  • Also implemented invincibility after respawning. Since players are always dropped in from the top of level, and they are indicated by a flash of their number, they are easy targets for savvy/ignoble players. Hence a window of invincibility, so they can’t be sucker shot after respawning.

2014-06-22 select level

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