Week 26: Game loop, intro sequence and victory sequence!

It seems that in my previous posts, I was a little off with the week numbers! It is now fixed.

I’ve gotten quite a bit done in the past week, and I’m really happy about it!

Game loop. My workplace MovieStarPlanet had a game night last Tuesday, so I brought THE MISSION to play. This first involved stabilizing the entire game screen loop of Join battle -> Battle -> Victory screen -> Join battle, since some issues had presented themselves when trying to ready the game for the event. I fixed all the issues :) During the event, I made some easy sound-related bug fixes. A bunch of small issues popped out at me, which I have added to the to-do list.

Spawning indicator. When a player is about to be spawned into the level, there is now a little indicator with their number on it. This is so they can see where they’ll be coming in.

Intro sequence. There is now a little animation of the title, accompanied by new music! It’s the first time in a long, long time that I have worked on music, so it was great to dig into it this weekend. Hopefully the intro sequence is intense/cheesy enough!

Spiff up victory screen. I’ve added the victory music, which already existed before. I also had to adjust the time at which the winning player is revealed, so it matches the dramatic moment in the music. Awesome.

The core of the game is getting closer to being done, with all the essentials such as screen flows, physics, animation systems, sound and music getting worked into place. I’m making good progress and am very hopeful for the late 2014 release on the GameStick!

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