Week 29 Update: New level + gameplay video!

Last week I was really very productive, and I also made some decisions! So here is Level 2 for THE MISSION:

Thanks to Christian, Danni, Jonathan and Luis from my work for playtesting! Of course some bugs reared their ugly heads, but I’ve fixed them since then.

Quick list of the major things completed in week 29:

Game fits any resolution. It figures out the highest scale while preserving square pixels, and then adds a black rectangle around the rest of the screen, like letterboxing for showing 16:9 films on old 4:3 screens.

Returned to native “resolution” of 24:14 tiles.

Indestructible tiles. Both the art and the implementation. The art will be more visible in the upcoming Level 3, as I make them work closely with saws since they look good together.

Death animations react to gravity. Since tiles under piles of ashes/sawed limbs/etc can be destroyed, these remains have to react properly. I’ve set them up so they’re paired into land and air version of the animations, and visually switch between them as needed.

And as always, various smaller things. Hope you enjoyed the video, and onwards to Level 3!

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