Week 31 Update: Slow progress

Unfortunately last week I wasn’t so productive.

Sawing animations. I finished up the sawing animations for each of the new avatars. It’s sad to see the avatars end up in hacked piles, but I think the effect is pretty good. It reminds me of the exploding imp sprites in Doom!

Horizontal movement bug. A long time issue is that if you jump in a corridor while moving horizontally, your horizontal movement is canceled when your head hits the ceiling. This isn’t so good. It was easy to fix, but then it caused some other issues, namely “teleporting” upwards when jumping at the right angle into a corner. It’s also unearthed some poor implementation of vertical movement, so I’m trying to fix that. It’s sensitive because they’re the physics of the game, so they have to be handled well. I’m in the middle of that, as it’s taking longer than expected to fix.

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