Week 32 Update: Physics and Terrarium!

Physics: I was trying to implement a minor change to physics such that your horizontal velocity wasn’t canceled when you bumped your head against the ceiling (this is so that you can actually jump over shots and saws in 2-tile high corridors – if you’re good). But then I came across some deeper physics issues, bad math, that sort of thing. So I fixed all that and the physics work much better.

Terrarium: I had a really productive Friday evening and Saturday, and got very far on implementing the Terrarium area. It was really nice to refactor tiles and the level manager of the Planet Surface, so that setting up the Terrarium was almost just setting up the tile pieces in the proper structure. Another nice thing is the grass, which moves as you move through it.

Now I’ve been talking with a colorblind friend, who’s remarked that the monochromatic palettes make it hard to see what’s going on. It’s worse on the green (and eventually the red) palette, so I showed him a screenshot from the forest test level, back when THE MISSION was going to be a single-player adventure. He said it’s much easier to look at, and I agree that it’s far less aggressive on the eyes. So I’ve adjusted the color palette to be less saturated, which I think is much better. It also looks a bit more yellow, which gives it a nice Game Boy hint, I think. You can see the difference for yourself!

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