Weeks 38 & 39: Vines still, and a move!

In Week 38, I experimented with a different concept for the vines. My first design was for the vines to regrow after a delay, and if a player is inside of the vine tile, they are ensnared by the vine and die. What I don’t like about this is that the players don’t have so much control over their situation: if they happen to be inside the tile at the wrong time, they are doomed.
I tried an idea where players could actually force their way through vines, but they would move slower. This would make them more vulnerable to being killed by other players due to their loss of mobility. This also meant rewriting a fair amount of the physics logic. It also led to other issues: what should happen if the player tries to jump or duck while inside the vines? Do they ascend and descend? If so, I have to detect that and change the behavior of that input. It gets thorny to implement. There was also the issue that while in vines, the players would behave like they were in water, which is completely weird. So I dropped the idea and returned to the first design.
But with an addition! The player won’t die as soon as the vine regrows. If they notice it’s starting to regrow, and are quick enough to get out of it, then they are fine. This should give the player a bit more time to get out of a bad vine situation.
Last week we were packing, and this weekend we made the move to a new apartment! It’s very nice. Now we’re putting together a lot of Ikea furniture and turning the apartment into our own home. I’m trying to find some cracks of time here and there to work on THE MISSION, so we’ll see how it will progress in the next month or so. Wish me luck!

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