Looking back on 2014, and forward to 2015!

First off, Happy New Year to all you fans! I really appreciate your support, it means a lot knowing that people out there are interested in THE MISSION and following along on its development :)

2014 has seen a lot happen for THE MISSION:

  • Most of the year was spent building the game up from scratch again in OpenFL. This also helped me see how much my programming has improved (in large part due to working full-time as a game programmer), which is a great feeling.
  • I also talked with GameStick regarding bringing my game to their platform. This was highly motivating – my game was desired! This definitely helped me jumpstart the porting process from Processing to OpenFL.
  • Regularly updating this blog became a priority. I’ve heard from a couple of friends and colleagues that they read it and enjoy getting the updates, so that’s good. It’s also helped me commit to regularly working on the game: I have to have something to report!

2015 will see some more things happening:

  • In the end of January, I’ll be releasing a demo on this very site. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • In Q2, THE MISSION will be released! There will be 9 levels total, affording all sorts of frantic one-hit-death action for friends and strangers to enjoy :) Really looking forward to releasing the game and having completed a major milestone in my life!

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