Weeks 7-11: Demos, press, and small developments

So I finished up the demo and made it available for all to play and enjoy :) The links again, in case you missed them:

I’ve definitely seen more traffic to the browser demo than the downloadable ones, so I’m very glad I did that. All for getting THE MISSION in front of more players!

Besides that, I’ve been sending out lots of emails trying to make noise for THE MISSION. It takes quite a lot of time and work, especially because I’m new at it! But I’m learning little by little, so I hope to get better at it over time.

In terms of developing the game itself, I’ve made just a couple of changes:

  • Full screen setting, which switches between windowed and full screen modes!
  • Redesign of the layout of the victory screen. A friend noted that it would be clearer to list the players by their score, from top to bottom. So I’ve made the change, and I think it’s certainly an improvement. You can see this in the screenshot at the top!

Please keep spreading the word if you enjoy the game! I can’t get it out there all by myself :)

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