Weeks 26-29: Progress on Foundry, ready for playtest!

So in my last update, I said I was aiming for an alpha version for testing in beginning of week 29. And I made it! The graphics were very much placeholder, but everything in battle was functioning as it should be.

Unfortunately, I could not get a playtest session in at my work. For playtesting I usually bring my game along to our monthly Game Night events, and usually there are a bunch of people around and willing to play. But this is the dead of summer, so most of my colleagues are actually away on vacation. Game Night was scheduled but no one was even there! So I’m organizing a playtest later this week just for THE MISSION, and I’m hoping for some good feedback from that.

In the meantime, I’ve made proper graphics for these parts of the Foundry:

  • Background walls
  • Molten metal
  • Vents
  • Conveyor belts
  • Crates

For next week, my aim is to finish these:

  • Mechanical stamp (you’ll see) and its animations
  • Foreground walls
  • Foundry backdrop
  • And collect and process feedback from playtest!

And I’ve also fixed a couple of old old bugs, which always feels great :D

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