Weeks 30-31: Finishing up Foundry

So I had my playtest in week 30, and that was quite good. I unveiled the Foundry to my playtesters, and they gave me valuable feedback on it, from the visual side to the actual gameplay of the 4 candidate levels I had made for it. Above is the first of the Foundry levels!

I’ve now selected 3 levels for inclusion in the game, and have been refining them to hopefully fix the design issues in them.

I’ve also worked on the graphics so that they are better and easier to read. This also means reworking my palette of reds, because currently they are too saturated.

I added some default controls for players 1 and 2, on my friend and artist Rezan’s suggestion. When I approached him with my proposal to make some art for THE MISSION, I also sent him a demo link. And of course this revealed one of those “I’m making this game so I’m blind to it” issues – you are forced to set up controls before you can play the game. Well, no longer! Default controls are now set up the first time you run the game.

Some bugs have also been squished, such as shots being able to pass through the very top of tiles.

For next week, I’m continuing to work on these:

  • Mechanical stamp animation
  • Implement feedback from playtest

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