Week 32: A few steps closer to finishing!

I spent a lot of time working on the stamps during this week. They were looking pretty nice, and they were working roughly well. Finally I got to a point where I would have to make some heavy changes to the physics system in order to get the details to work properly. Because of that, I decided to cut the stamp hazard from the Foundry area. This was tough, but I think it’s for the best – it was getting more and more expensive (time) to implement, and I did not observe it as particularly interesting during the playtest.

So after that decision, I was able to finish a few other tasks on my list:

  • Reduced the number of bomb flowers in the last Terrarium level. Players noted there were just too many, making it a pain to play in the lower half of the level. I wanted to make it risky in order to encourage play in the upper half of the level, but players still want to get to lower ground!
  • Implemented close-quarter kills, so players will be able to hit each other with shots and blasts if they are overlapping each other. This will reduce some silly moments of bouncing around trying to  kill each other, but I think overall it will afford better gameplay.
  • The mouse is now visible in the editor. This is to make it easier for the player to see what they’re doing.
  • Fixed a bug where having exactly 4 spawnpoints would make the game hang when a player was trying to respawn.

The bulk of what remains to do now is assets! The list:

  • Background for Foundry
  • Music for Terrarium
  • Music for Foundry
  • Music for Editor (it will be nice to make a relaxed, major piece instead of action-y stressful music!)
  • Implement final art received from Rezan
  • Odds and ends (bugs, small improvements, etc)

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