Weeks 42-46: Level sharing complete!

I finished up the level sharing feature! This means that players can create a level, share it with a friend, and then the friend can play with it, or further edit it, and reshare it and so on. I hope people like it!

Besides that, I’ve been working on implementing the title art and portraits from Rezan into the game. I’ve tried a few things for turning the portraits into good-looking small resolution images, but they look bad and inconsistent. I think part of that is because the player’s score appears next to the portrait, and it’s in a much larger size font, so having the portrait in a relatively finer resolution looks weird. In the end, I’ve decided to not update the portraits. So they’ll look as they do now. I don’t like dropping something that I think would look cool, but unfortunately, I don’t have the skill to make it look cool. Moving on!

I have a hopeful fix for the charging sound bug, but I need more players to reproduce it. I might organize a playtest soon at my work!

For now I continue work on the title art, since that will require coding work for changing the intro (the old one won’t work with the new art). It’s less intricate than the portraits so it’s going all right at the moment.

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