Weeks 47-52: WIP on title, and upcoming plans

It’s a busy time of the year and a busy period in my life, so I’ve slowly progressed on creating a low-resolution version of the super great title art that Rezan has made for THE MISSION. Here is his artwork:



And here is the lo-res version I have made for use in the game:




Currently I’m working on the game intro screen, since the title has been changed.

I’ve had little time to spend on other things, so not much else news on the development front (and why it’s taking so long to do this stuff). But this busy-ness has made me reprioritize for THE MISSION a little bit: I’ve decided to ship the game without a lot of niceties.

So a release 1.0 which will have these last things:

  • New title and intro
  • Palette: Find different reds for Foundry, it’s too saturated

And then I’ll release minor updates with these niceties:

  • SFX: Molten metal death sound
  • Music: Editor
  • Music: Terrarium battle
  • Music: Foundry battle
  • Art: Shading on Terrarium vines

This will allow me to release the game and hopefully get people out there to finally – at long last – play the game. Then I can get some feedback and hear opinions. I’m hoping that it’s become the kind of game that can sustain interest in a small community, especially with the level editing and level sharing features.

So that’s what’s coming up for THE MISSION early in 2016. I wish you all happy holidays with family and friends!

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