Weeks 20-22: Starting to wrap up v1.0

I finally got around to checking the color issues. I believe it’s specific to my TV. When changing between different levels, I noticed that the colors would change automatically. So it’s a fancy auto-adjusting TV, and sometimes it happens to pick crappy auto-adjustments which make some colors look bad. Oh well! Since this seems specific to my TV, I won’t be doing anything to the graphics colors.

Since then, I’ve been fixing bugs in the editor and making small improvements to the overall code. Version 1.0 is nearly done, but it does need playtesting. I want to do one more round of testing battles, and I would like a handful of playtesters for testing the level editor. Then fix those, and version 1.0 will be ready to ship!

Speaking of shipping, I’ve been readying up for the launch. You might notice I’ve updated the site, so that it’s now only the blog itself and the press page. I’ve created an itch.io page for THE MISSION. That page has all the information which was previously on this blog’s home page, and it’s also where the game will be available for download. I also created a forum a while back, with the idea that it would be the place for people to share custom levels, comment on them, etc – the center for THE MISSION community. The game itself now contains a quick link to the forum. The top-of-page menu for this blog is also updated with links to the game’s various pages across the Internet.

I’ve dressed up all the pages with the game’s theme colors and star background. Also, note the new title is now on display! Many thanks again to my artist friend Rezan Ansari for his very cool work. I haven’t revealed the box art he made, but it is STELLAR. I’ve started working on making a fake box using the art, and that fake box will serve as the game poster from here on. Keep an eye out for it!

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