Some finishing touches, with screenshots and gif!

I’m in an unusual-feeling place now where YES, THE MISSION is almost shippable!

But I can’t really ship it yet. I want to get in some last testing rounds for any sneaky bugs. E3 also just happened, so everybody will be wrapped up in all the news pouring out from there.

So I’m waiting a little bit… And in the mean time, I’m of course still working on the game. I started on the stuff I wanted to do for minor releases, as well as other things that came up:

  • Added shading to vine tile, because it was flat and looked sad. Compare these before and after screenshots! It took me a year to get around to doing this, wow…
  • Modified the title menu so it was less crowded. With the FORUMS item, it got to be too much. So I separated it into two menus, and there’s more room to breathe. I placed the FORUMS on the main menu (and not the options menu) because I hope it’ll be important enough to warrant that position.
  • Reload/charge meter for gun. This is as fresh as can be – I just finished it up yesterday. But I’m not sold on putting it in the game. The reason I made it is because there are people who are annoyed at the slowness of the shooting. With this little UI, I was hoping to mitigate that feeling. However, I feel it really doesn’t fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the game. I don’t know how I could dress it up so it fits. So for now, it is not in the final game. Let me know if you feel it should be.


  • Panning of sound effects based on the position of their source! Now, when you shoot something on the right side of the screen, your stereo speakers will produce the shot sound from the right speaker only. Experts say this increases immersion. I say it gives a nice feeling of space to the game. I had noticed this effect over a decade back in CHRONO TRIGGER, and loved it. I am happy to now have the same effect in my own game!
  • Code cleaning. The kind of stuff that makes programmers happy, but has little effect on the game itself… most of the time.

What am I up to from here on out? I’m starting work on more music for the game. There are only two tracks right now: the title, and the surface battle. I had planned on finishing more tracks for future minor releases, but I have some time now! I had planted the seeds for each of the 3 remaining tracks about 6-12 months ago, so we will see what has germinated in my mind.

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