First beta feedback and improvements!

Feedback from the beta has started trickling in, and I’ve started making fixes and improvements based on those.

Notably, one crash bug led me to find a duplicate implementation of how tiles are created! That has now been refactored, and tile creation is now leaner. Good find!

I’ve made some nice UX improvements due to feedback. It’s those kinds of particular things that developers simply don’t think of when developing, and it really highlights the importance of getting player feedback!

For example, one playtester said he wished he could actually play his custom level, and not just test it. I think he thought this because when you go to select the level for battle, my default levels are listed first, and then the player’s custom levels are listed. So my fix is to switch those around: the player will see her custom levels first, and then the default levels. I think that should fix this particular issue.

Besides that, work on THE MISSION has slowed down because I’m now back at my day job. I only work during my commute to and from the office, so about 40 minutes at best. But slow and steady work is certainly better than no work at all!

Again, if you’re interested in participating in the beta, get in touch by leaving me a comment or a tweet, and I’ll hook you up!

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