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THE MISSION at Nordic Game Conference 2013

Little video of me talking very briefly about THE MISSION: BATTLE MODE!

And here are some pictures of the booth as well:

Super Contest!

I showed THE MISSION at ITU’s Play Day about two weeks ago, and held a little contest for who could speedrun through the test level the fastest. I cleaned up and packaged that build, so now it’s available for you to play on the Download page.

Now, I’m thinking of including the names of the top something players in the game. So if you would like your name in THE MISSION, record your speedrun and share it :)


For ITU’s Play Day, I showed off THE MISSION. I made a poster! It’s A3 size. Print it out, put it above your bed, in your bathroom, inside your kitchen cupboard, wherever you like.

I held a small contest, where the fastest speedrunner won an awesome prize. I’m working on cleaning up that build of the game and then making it available for download here. Coming soon! In the mean time, enjoy the poster :)